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History of the Parish


St. Brigid Parish was founded in March 1940 by Msgr. J.A. C. Van Veggel, and was dedicated in July of that year. The present church, which incorporated St. Brigid Academy, was dedicated in December, 1948, and the original church became an auditorium and hall. The original church (which occupied the present north parking lot), was torn down in 1980 when the new St. Brigid Parish Hall was built.


A major renovation project in 1997 included repositioning the main and side altars, increasing the size and seating capacity of the side transepts, and retrofitting for earthquake safety. In 2007, a new rectory was built next to the Parish Hall, allowing the former rectory to become the Ministry Center.


This is an active parish, with many special-interest associations: young adults, married couples, Spanish-speaking groups, and four choirs. While the original school closed in 1971, education continues, beginning with pre-school and continuing through high school into adulthood.